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    How do you imagine the future of work ?


    We want to promote learning and experience solutions for sustainable management.

    Our goal is to inspire people to see today's societal challenges from a new angle or a different perspective.


    The current era of profound change is reshaping society and its organizations as we know them.

    We support you in this transition with an understanding of the challenges ahead and a mindset that embraces consciousness-based co-creation. We need to be aware of the power of our brain to transcend its limitations and adapt to the new societal and economic paradigm.


    The future of work is now: We are approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT

    in the way of life and it is time to reshape the way of work.


    The development of intellect is directly influenced by our environment and experiences in our personal/professional lives. However, neuroscience has shown us that thanks to brain plasticity, changing the mind without external stimulation is also possible: the real freedom of mind is when you choose and create who you are.




    Sustainable Leadership

    Sustainable Development

  • We help take your business
    to the next mindset.
    Together, we transform.

    Our world is changing fast.  What kind of future do you want to create for your organization?   We propose learning-experiences that prepare the minds and help prototype solutions for social change towards human and ecosystemic sustainability.

    Doctor of Neurosciences


    Associate Professor

    Neuroscience and Management

    at International Management School Geneva


    Lecturer in Psychology of Finance

    Geneva Finance Research Institute, University of Geneva


    Neuroscience-fiction writer, author ofProject Unison



    Doctor in Neuroscience specialized in emotions and memory, experienced in international management, she created the course "Neuroscience for Managers". She teaches future business leaders using pedagogical methods based on neuroscience to help them understand human nature and develop skills in future imagination. Her current research focuses on the neurosciences of decision-making and learning, as well as on management agility.



    Neuroscience is the fastest growing branch of life sciences, and offers numerous applications and interdisciplinary synergies with many areas of life and work. Most notably, creative and knowledge workers, managers and business leaders can benefit enormously from the newest findings in neuroscience of decision making (neuroeconomics, neurofinance), neuroscience of creativity, emotion, memory formation and applied neurosciences – such as the emerging neuroscience of environmental decision making that uses brain as a predictor for collective decisions. However, most of neuroscientific research articles are prohibitively difficult to read and understand by a non-specialist.


    In today’s fake-news internet jungle, the ability to distinguish valid research from neuro-mumbo-jumbo, requires at least a PhD in neurosciences. For non-specialists, neuroscience needs to be translated but not distorted and oversimplified, as is the case with many business trainings (!) given by non-scientists who use the prefix “neuro-“ simply as a buzz word, which is an appalling violation of scientific integrity.


    We want to bring neuroscientific knowledge to where it can make the biggest impact: to decision-makers. Ewa has been teaching neuroscience of decision making to business, law and finance students for the past 4 years. Notably, since last year, she design and coordinate her own courses Neuroscience for Management at International Management School Geneva, and Psychology and Finance at Geneva Finance Research Institute (MSc in Wealth Management). She has spoken at business transformation conferences and give web- and public lectures introducing neuroscience to decision makers

    (ex: CEMS Webinar, The House of Beautiful Business).


    Ewa has former business experience and hold a double MSc in Management from Europe’s top business universities and a PhD in neuroscience, which make me perfectly suited for bridging the two worlds. She is a passionate storyteller (and a published creative sci-fi writer) and she practice what she preach: Sehe optimize education for human memory formation and apply the best, brain-based teaching methods.


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    * Due to the COVID-19 situation the current format will be online in webinar


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    SOON !


    SOON !


    Our purpose is to support humanities transition to a new mindset and paradigm.
    We create ecosystems and programs that enable this transition together

    with visionary change-makers and purpose driven organisations.



    Doctor of Neurosciences

    Associate Professor

    "Neuroscience and Management"

    at International Management School Geneve.



    Projet & Com Manager

    Event & Coworking Community Manager ​

    Wellness business development

    Coach in Neurosciences (in training)

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